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Music Industry Sharks - How to Uncover the Unscrupulous Many in the Music Business

There are a ton of parents on the market claiming to be track marketing experts, track exposure experts, and social media experts. Yep - Literally millions upon thousands. When it involves marketing and publicizing your track you've got a vast form of nice choices. RIGHT? Wrong - plenty of alternatives - sure but how lots of them are fairly price their salt? Not Many!

For a few purpose unscrupulous "music-want to-bees" prey on musicians - I do no longer know why, perhaps they assume they're an simple gentle touch. Maybe they do no longer like musicians or worse yet - do no longer like music. (WOW) A lot of those parents are or had been musicians themselves, or perhaps an intern somewhere within the track business, or in fact love music. They trust this offers them the proper to proclaim themselves a track marketing expert, or worse yet, a track publicist which takes a very long time of track business journey and the accumulation of millions of track media contacts, and further, advertise the finest one could product or provider which will boost up your track career.

Well proper the following is what I ought to assert about that: I've been a musician myself -- albeit a lengthy time ago, again then, there had been nonetheless many track business rip-off artists. I've experienced the deep ache of being screwed with the aid of capacity of unscrupulous parents claiming to be my savior within the track business. The Internet and the leveling of the independent track gambling subject has opened up a vast quantity of opportunities for those sharks and rip-off artists to work their game. The basically method my band turned a hit was sheer luck - we discovered the proper trustworthy people.

Here is a list to heavily think of whilst picking your final publicist or marketing service:

Check their credentials - And comply with this checklist

Do they have a creditable on-line presence?

Do they have masses of testimonials? Or, as I want to name them TRUSTIMONIALS - Check their references!

How many "HONEST" years of journey do they have? Ver!fy this

Have they written masses of articles about track marketing?

Do they belong to many high-profile track business organizations?

Does the prospective marketer or publicist reply all your questions

or do they subtly avoid them?

Will they inform you who and the place they can be selling your track with?

i.e. their track media affiliations - or do they inform you to wait and see?

Have you viewed shown samples in their work?

Will they supply you what they're promising in writing?

Before you make a possibility think of -


Aside from doing quality work that in fact facilitates you together with your career, those are one could the three primary components to consider

If any or all the above credential assessments aren't within the sure class ---


Being lucky sufficient to discover the proper parents for our undertaking method again then, I'm no longer saying that or no longer it's impossible to do so. I'm simply saying that or no longer it's so quite important, those days especially, to do your homework and due diligence earlier than you shell out your hard-earned cash. Most indie musicians are on a shoestring price range and each penny capacity anything to them. Take the time to perhaps check with a creditable track business consultant. Most can be capable to realize a rip-off whilst they see it.

So, to all you unscrupulous sharks on the market ready to swoop down at the subsequent unsuspecting musician, sorry about writing this article - but you desire to be exposed. Therefore, I am no longer fairly sorry. It's parents such as you that supply the track business, trustworthy publicists and track sellers a nasty name. Shame on you! I love my Indies and all musicians and artists and it hurts to see them taken merit of. Try one other niche' - perhaps parents who desire marketing assist in selling rockets or industrial merchandise and services. BUT - Leave Our Music Niche' Alone!!

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